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The Liberty Pump System with Next Generation Freemie Cups is lightweight, portable, and versatile!

Revolutionary noise reduction technology means this system is super discreet and loaded with features:

  • Rechargeable battery powered mobile electric breast pump
  • Hands-free Next Generation Freemie Cups
  • Sleep Timer function with automatic shutoff
  • Hospital grade suction
  • +100 settings

Charge the pump with a USB cord from a computer or in your car, or use a wall socket. Enjoy total pump portability – place the pump on your desk or workstation, wear it with the detachable belt clip, or carry it along with you in a bag.

Next Gen Freemie Cups are worn in your bra, underneath clothing. Collect up to 8 ounces of milk inside each lightweight Freemie Cup, safely and hygienically separated from the electronic pump motor. After a pump session, just remove the cups and transfer your milk to storage.

This pump includes the world’s first programmable Sleep Timer. Set the sleep timer in 5 minute intervals, up to 40 minutes. Pump shuts off automatically after 40 minutes.

With over 100 pump settings to choose from, this little pump is stronger and more versatile than most. Get up to 280mmHg of suction power. Use 3 re-programmable memory buttons for easy one-touch access of your preferred settings. Just find and save your favorite settings for stimulation, letdown, power pumping, or a relaxed pumping mode. Engage a long powerful draw cycle called Turbo Mode by setting the speed to zero. Lower speed settings to achieve higher maximum suction levels.


  • Liberty Pump
  • Next Gen Cup Set
  • Pump Connection Kit
  • Power Adapter Kit
  • Clothing Clip
  • Carrying Bag

Finding the Right Fit
The right attire makes it easier to get Freemie Cups in and out of your bra. Plan your attire for a looser fit and quick access. Get more discreet with an infinity scarf or jacket. Trim the cup tubing to your preferred length and wear inside or outside your shirt.

Bra fit is critical for success. Hold cups by hand first to see the positioning of the breast funnels. Note how much pressure is needed on your breasts to make a secure seal. Try all of your bras to find the ones that hold the cups just like your hands did.

Cups come with two sizes to fit most (25 and 28mm). Customize your flange fit by adding soft Fitmie inserts. Available in sizes 15-26mm.

No disposables required. Made without latex, BPA or DEHP

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